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Business Management

Business Management Training designed to advance current skills and introduce an innovative way of approaching problems.

Dominic Regan Training Limited’s Business Management training helps staff understand that even their smallest tasks will build towards the bigger picture. It involves communication and coordination through personal development schemes, and effective and efficient project management. Let’s eliminate the excessive and exhausting meetings in favour a system of informative and productive collaboration.

Our training will show you how to identify your key goals and bring all parties on board to be able to plan and achieve them on time and in budget. We understand that these skills do not always come naturally across the management group, and so have created a suite of training courses designed to advance current skills and introduce an innovative way of approaching problems.

This is presented through a variety of workshops, presentations, seminars and group/individual activities, using examples to highlight application in a real-life scenario.


  • Module 1: Leadership
    • Management -v- Leadership
    • How the two roles differ and what constitutes a leader or a manager.
    • How the actions taken inside an organisation influence the perception and results outside the organisation.
    • Leadership styles- – Identify your own leadership style, different leadership styles and how/when to apply them.
    • Communication skills – Identify methods of communication and barriers to good communications within an organisation.
    • Managing change in a business environment. How to respond to change and what factors influence response.
  • Module 2: Communication and Interpersonal Skills
    • How to prepare for a presentation – content, purpose and delivery method.
    • Communication skills – identifying listening skills and when to apply them.
    • Coaching and Development – what is coaching and when to apply it.
    • How to succeed at Time Management for self and employees you manage.
    • What is Motivation, and how to motivate others to achieve results at all levels.
  • Module 3: Planning and Service Development/Improvement
    • Customer Service – internal and external. What is good customer service?
    • Organisation Progression – Growth, Vertical/Horizontal Integration/Acquisition.
    • Project Management – What is it and what is the process?
    • Behavioural Objectives.
    • The Process of Strategic Analysis.
    • Giving and receiving feedback.
  • Module 4: Leading and Developing People and Teams
    • How to lead teams. What makes an effective team? – Recruitment, Selection and Development of Team Members.
    • Achieving your Aims and Goals through a Learning Culture.
    • Monitoring Team Performance – How to identify areas for improvement and applying the appropriate methods to improve.
    • How Organisational Behaviour influences the direction that employees follow.
  • Module 5: Developing Resilience and Wellbeing
    • Recognising and Managing Employee Wellbeing:
      • Managing Stress
      • Managing Absence
      • Employee Rights
      • Wellbeing in the Workplace
      • Employee Engagement
    • What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?
    • Becoming a Learning Organisation
  • Module 6: Review of Training and Presentation of Service Improvement Project
    • Review of Training.
    • Discussion around key learnings and their applications for individuals.
    • Presentation to Senior Managers of Service Implementation Project.